Faith Schueler, a rising country artist, singer, and songwriter shares her own, original sound through her music and vocal presentation. Born and raised in South Carolina, Schueler digs deep into her roots by creating original music with a pop/country and soul twist. 


In 2018, Faith Schueler released her first single “Who Holds Your Heart”. Since then, Schueler has released her single “Ain’t Even Got a Clue” as well as her new EP, “One Love Song at a Time”. Schueler has written and recorded with some of the most well known writers, and producers in Charleston and Nashville such as Elliott Elsey, Greg Bieck, Kris Bergsnes, and Jordan Lawhead. Faith Schueler plans to continue down her path towards her country music dream. Schueler hopes to inspire others and touch lives through her music. Faith Schueler holds on to her strong Christian faith as well as her undeniable passion and love for music.